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Security in the AWS Cloud, hosted by Cybercom

September 19, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Cybercom HQ, Sveavägen 20, Stockholm

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We will kick off the autumn season by having meetup sponsored by Cybercom (Sveavägen 20, 7th floor). 
One speaker slot still available! Please contact organizers if interested!
Common timetable
17:30 Doors open, food and beverages as usual
18:00 Talks begin
Opening words from Event Sponsor (Cybercom) 
1. New and noteworthy - update about AWS latest announcements 
Rolf Koski (Cybercom)
2. Securing account access in Enterprise way
Complex organizations need complex security models - or do they? We are going to talk, how to have a professional, enterprise-grade approach to managing and monitoring access to your accounts and resources without hindering the agility and elasticity to your dev and ops people.
Rolf Koski & Niklas Westerstråhle (Cybercom)
3. TBD
This slot is still available! Please contact organizers if interested!
4. Security in the AWS Cloud
There is a myth that the cloud is not safe enough. This talk will describe what tools are available for securing your applications and will show that it’s possible to reach a level of security that is hard or near impossible to reach in an on-premise environment.
Paul Ahlgren (AWS)

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