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Sensor networks: 6LoWPAN, border routers and gateways

February 23, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Bergmannstraße 103/103, 10961 , Berlin

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IoT offers the possibility for pushing the Internet to evolve in a way we haven’t seen since the development of the web in the 1990s. We have come from a centralized architecture with a vast number of dumb clients talking to smart servers, through the progressive enrichment of both the client and the servers. Due to the scale involved in operating global web services like Google or Facebook, the latter has pushed forward the deployment of distributed systems inside a single data center and across multiple data centers.
The Internet of Things poses new challenges: low computational power (processing and memory), unreliable networking and low power duty cycles. How we address these challenges is the theme of this workshop. The topics you will learn include:
• how to modify IPv6 so that it fits constrained devices and networks (6LoWPAN);
• Routing Protocol for Low Power Networks (RPL);
• how to design architectures that push to the edge a lot of the power currently available only in a centralized cloud design, i.e. the so-called fog computing model;
• how to leverage microservice-based approaches for implementing such solutions; and finally,
• how you can make sensors and actuators run on batteries for months or even years through the usage of low duty cycles.
This is a hands-on workshop for developers and software architects looking to learn new ways of doing things, as there are bound to be occasions in your work when these new ways might become handy.
Plan: 2,5 hours workshop with theory & practice: hands-on. Please, consider that we start punctually at 7 o’clock. 

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