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September Meetup: WebAssembly and Elixir

September 26, 17:30

Oulu, Finland
Co-work by OP Lab, Hallituskatu 12, Oulu

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Oulu Web Development Meetup: WebAssembly and Elixir

Our topics on September meetup will be WebAssembly and Elixir, so we're living the in cutting edge! We start the event with some food and beverages and then we enjoy two really interesting talks.

17:30 Food + Drinks
18:00 Opening words and few words from our sponsors
18:10 Bringing Native Applications to the Web with WebAssembly (Jukka Jylänki, Mozilla)
18:55 Break
19:00 What you can learn from Elixir (Nicolas Arkkila, Heltti)


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