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September PyData Berlin: Speedy Spatial Dataset Queries with Python

September 20, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Wooga, Saarbrücker Straße 38, Berlin

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Hello there! Welcome to the September PyData Berlin meetup! :)
Doors open at 19:00 and food and drinks will be provided by our host, Wooga.
Our speakers are: 
Alexander Müller & (you?)
Spatial Range Queries using Python In-Memory Indices
When you’re working with a spatial dataset a common use case is that you need to get points of interests that are within a certain radius of a reference point, also know as spatial range queries. A standard solution for this problem is to use databases like MongoDB or Postgres which provided advanced spatial indexing capabilities. However, if you don’t have those capabilities available or you need to perform millions of queries and don’t want to add load to your production database, you need to explore other alternatives.
Thus, this talk will discuss a potential remedy for this problem by showing how to use python together with some available libraries (numpy, sklearn, rtree, geohash) to enable in-memory radius searches. We will dive into some implementation details and show which methods to use for which use cases, by benchmarking them against each other.
About the Speaker:  Alex started his career at SAP in Walldorf where he was working for the predictive maintenance team. After pursuing his Masters degree in Data & Web Science at the University of Mannheim, Alex moved to Berlin to join MiNODES a leading Brick-and-Mortar Retail Analytics Startup. There he helped the company building its wifi positioning platform and is now responsible as the Lead Data Scientist to develop new data and predictive products.

In his position as a founder of Hackerstolz – one of the biggest non-profit hackathon hosts in Germany–, Alex is also the co-creator of food{hacks} and mobility{hacks} .
We still have one open speaking spot! Have an ideas? Write us here on or via our site form: 
Looking forward to hearing your ideas and seeing you on September 20th!

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