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Singularity Summit Copenhagen

October 23, 09:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen Opera House, 10 Ekvipagemestervej , Copenhagen

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Dear Singularity University friends in Sweden,
As you may have heard, Singularity University is coming to the Nordics this fall, with a large two-day Summit in the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen on 23-24 October! The speaker list includes world class thought leaders such as Aubrey de Grey, Shiza Shahid, Ramez Naam, David Roberts, Raymond McCauley and many more.


It will be a deep dive into the tech trends that are reshaping our world. I will for sure be going to get up to date on the latest developments in AI, synthetic biology, energy and a range of other rapidly developing fields.

Tickets are in the range of 12-15,000 kr, but if you are interested in attending, I have a handful of discount codes for tickets to share within the Swedish SU community.

Drop me an email at [masked] if you are interested in coming along!

Best regards


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