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SingularityU Salon Antarctica Livestream

December 27, 21:30

Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm

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SingularityU Antarctica Salon: The Sustainable Energy Challenge
Welcome to the first ever Singularity University event to be hosted in Antarctica.

For those of you who cannot make it in person, you are welcome to view the event live here:

Program (all times in UTC/GMT time)

20.30 Introduction by Sven Lidstrom from Troll Research Station
20.35 Opening keynote by Peter Diamandis, Co-Founder and Chairman, Singularity University

20.45 The Sustainable Energy Challenge by Ramez Naam, Co-Chair, Energy & Environmental Systems, Singularity University

21.00 Discussion between Ramez Naam and scientists at Troll Research Station

21.10 Q&A with questions from viewers around the world

21.30 The event ends

SingularityU Salons Stockholm SingularityU Salons Stockholm

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