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Special Meetup at the AI EXPO Europe 2017, 1-2 June 2017, Berlin

June 1, 17:00

Berlin, Germany
Estrel Berlin Hotel and Convention Center, Sonnenallee 225, 12057, Berlin

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This is a special Meetup organized at the AI Conference & Exhibition AI EXPO Europe 2017. The Meetup can be attended by any member of the BMLG  for free after registration at (make sure to tick the box "Member of Berlin Machine Learning Group"). 

The following startups/teams from the BMLG will give a 10-minute pitch:
Pitch 1: 3D Object Classification via Deep Learning and its Application to Detection tasks
Speaker: Nikolaj Waller, Technische Universität Berlin
With advances in Deep Learning object recognition in 2D achieves results which can even outperform humans. In the domain of 3D however there is still need for further research. For this purpose, the goal of my work is to present a classification network trained exclusively on 3D data. Furthermore, not only the task of object classification, but also detection from 3D scenes will be discussed.
Pitch 2: How AI changes Product Discovery in Fashion E-Commerce
Speaker: Valerio Velardo, Co-Founder & CEO Melodrive
The advent of mobile and AI enables fashion brands to provide consumers new ways of discovering fashion online. Using Cerebel's search technology brands can build engaging and intuitive search experiences for their apps and destinations, empowering consumers to express their personal style and taste using visual references and natural language descriptions.
Pitch 3: The rise of voice platform
Speaker: Dimitry Demin, Founder algotecture
Voice is becoming mainstream - Why now?

How voice platforms work?
Applied use cases and the future of voice.
Pitch 4: Algotecture - the creator of sophisticated algorithms
Speaker: Christian Rebernik, CEO 6voices
With $4trillion in global annual revenue, the AEC industry is ripe for disruption from AI. At Algotecture we create sophisticated machine learning algorithms that will propel the industry forward. Our algorithms represent a paradigm shift from manual coding systems to intelligent designing systems that will help developers and BIM managers to better design, collaborate and automate the entire construction process.
Pitch 5: Melodrive: Adaptive Music Generation for Interactive Media
Speaker: Petar Djekic, Co-Founder & CEO Cerebel
Adaptive music is the most effective means to increase immersion in games and VR experiences. However, creating a truly adaptive experience is difficult and time-consuming. Melodrive is an AI music system that can automatically generate adaptive soundtracks, which respond dynamically to players' interactions in real-time. In our pitch, we describe the challenges of building a creative AI and present the business opportunities.

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