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"Startup DreamTeam: Building culture through people” with Niket Desai 🔥

February 22, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
TheFamily, Chausseestraße 19, 10115, Berlin

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Having a badass team doesn't "just happen" — you have to work on it! 👊 Niket has done that with the very best, so we decided to fly him from San Francisco over to Berlin so you can learn from his thrilling experience 😃 🚀
Niket Desai is an entrepreneur, worked for Google in California & was previously Chief of Staff at Flipkart. He gives conferences on startup early days & building unique internal culture all over the world ✈️
This awesome guy previously co-founded Punchd, a mobile loyalty startup, which was acquired by Google and recently was Chief of Staff at Flipkart in Bangalore. Flipkart is the leading online shopping site in the fast growing Indian market, and Amazon's main local competitor. ⚔
TRUST ME, you don't want to miss this one! 👌 🔑
Join us for an evening of great talks and cool people, followed by chitchat, food & drinks! The event is made with LOVE 💖
It's free, totally open and in English. ✌️
See you there!
About TheFamily: We're a long-term strategic investor that empowers entrepreneurs through education, services, and capital. Founded 3 years ago in France, we now have a portfolio of 300 startups. You may know some of them, like Algolia,, CaptainTrain, and Menu Next Door. And now we’ve opened new offices in London and Berlin. The good thing about Berlin is that no other place in Europe combines the 3 main ingredients so well: - Talented entrepreneurs, developers & designers from eastern, southern and northern Europe; 
- A vibrant and easygoing lifestyle - way cheaper than London, way more open than Paris 😉 
 - A cosmopolitan and welcoming city that lets you feel like you’re part of it, even if you weren’t born here.

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