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State of Linux Containers and Containerizing Distributed Pipes

January 31, 17:00

Berlin, Germany
Hypoport, Klosterstr. 71, 10179 Berlin

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Hey Dockers!
To get you started with Docker in 2017 we will present you two talks by Christian Kniep and Hagen Tönnies:
Christian will give you an overview of the recent changes in the container landscape, including the latest Docker 1.13 features. The second talk will show you how they applied Unix Pipe concepts to Docker containers by connecting them in a distributed manner via Apache Kafka.
There will be plenty of time after the talks, where we can have a chat or even hack on cool new features!

• 17:00 Meet & Greet 
• 17:30 Welcome at Europace AG
• 17:45 State of Linux Containers
• 18:30 Q&A
• 18:45 Containerizing Distributed Pipes
• 19:15 Q&A
• 19:30 Hacking, Socializing, Fun
There will be Snacks and Drinks.

State of Linux Containers
Speaker: Christian Kniep (@cqnib,
Linux Containers gain more and more momentum in all IT ecosystems. Christian provides an overview about what happened in the container landscape (in particular Docker) during the course of the last year and how it impacts datacenter operations, HPC and High-Performance Big Data.Furthermore Christian will give an update/extend on the "things to explore" list he presented in the last Lugano workshop, applying what he learned and came across during the year 2016. The latest Docker release 1.13 is covered as well.

Containerizing Distributed Pipes
Speaker: Hagen Tönnies (, Christian Kniep
In this talk Hagen and Christian will present how they enable distributed, Unix style programming using Docker and Apache Kafka. They will show how you can take the famous Unix Pipe Pattern and apply it to a Distributed Computing System. They will demonstrate the development of two simple applications with the focus on "Do One Thing and Do It Well." Afterwards they demonstrate how you can make these two programs work to together using Apache Kafka. By encapsulating the applications in containers Hagen and Christian will also show how that enables us to go from the limited resources of a development machine to cluster of computers in a data center without changing our applications or containers.

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