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Stockholm.AI #5

October 4, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Norstedts, Tryckerigatan 4, Stockholm

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AI in virtual worlds and fashion

Anders Huss, Machine Learning Team Lead at Watty (

Schedule (approximate)
18:00 - 18:15 Door Open: Grab a coffee/beer
18.15 - 18:20 Intro
18:20 - 18:50 Talk #1
18:50 - 19:05 Leg stretcher/mingling
19:05 - 19.35 Talk #2
19:35 - 19:50 Leg stretcher/mingling
19:50 - 20.20 Talk #3
20.20 - 21.00 Mingling

Ricky Helgesson, CEO at Univrses:
AI in Autonomous Driving and AR
Listen to the CEO of Univrses describing the work being done in AI for autonomous driving and AR/VR. An autonomous vehicle needs a full situation awareness and most pieces of that puzzle are now individually solved and putting the puzzle together is now being worked on around the world. Just like an autonomous vehicle needs to localize itself in a detailed map of the entire world's road network, so does smart glasses in the AR cloud. Smart glasses will truly make us super humans and AI is at the center of the revolution.
Magnus Nordin, Technical Director SEED/EA:
Deep Learning in Games Deep learning, i.e. neural networks, has enabled significant breakthroughs in everything from computer vision, voice generation, voice recognition, translation, and self-driving cars. Neural nets will also be an powerful enabler for future game development. This presentation will give an overview of the potential of neural nets in game development, as well as provide an in depth look at how we can use neural nets combined with reinforcement learning for new types of game AI.
Oskar Juhlin, professor and founder of
Deep neural networks in fashion and Frontrow Forensics

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