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Summer event: Fun together

July 4, 17:30

Helsinki, Finland
Futurice (8th floor), Annankatu 34B, Helsinki

We're excited to host a summery Helsinki Elm Community event! It takes place on July 4th, 2019, at the Futurice office, Annankatu 34B. We start at 17:30.

This time we will get hands-on with code, so grab your laptop and prepare by installing the Elm tools! However, we will work together so not everyone absolutely has to have a laptop.

Suggestions (don't worry if you can't get all the way):
- npm install --global elm elm-format
- Either Atom + Elmjutsu plugin or VS Code + Elm plugin
- Try out a small app on your own with this setup to make sure you got the basics. Maybe start with

There will be snacks and drinks available.

Helsinki Elm Community (Elmsinki) Helsinki Elm Community (Elmsinki)

Created by

Ossi Hanhinen Ossi Hanhinen

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