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Summer user group meeting

July 12, 20:00

Berlin, Germany
Panke, Gerichtstraße 23, in the last courtyard (V), on the right side, located close to U-/S-Bahn station Wedding., http://www.pankeculture.com/how-to-find-us/, Berlin

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Dear All,
we are very happy to announce that we will have three very interesting composer/producer/artists sharing their work at the Ableton User Group Berlin meeting on Wednesday.
Two User Group members will be presenting their work: Curioustín and Peter W.
CURIOUSTÍN is a Berlin-based Norwegian producer who works with field recordings inspired by the vast natural landscapes of her home country.www.curioustin.space/mindless
Our resident Welshman PETER W. has been a User Group regular for more than a year and is a highly-skilled producer of club music. He is going to explain his approach to producing and explain a number of techniqes, as well as some of his tips and tricks for making a solid-sounding track.
In addition, we have the honor of having the Egyptian singer, musician, producer, and fieldrecordist DINA EL WEDIDI. Dina came to our user group meeting in February and immediately won our hearts. She has made a number of recordings revolving around the sound universe of Egyptian trains has begun incorporating these sounds into her music. On Wednesday she'll give a presentation of her works-in-progress.https://soundcloud.com/dina-elwedidihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dina_El_Wedidi
We also got a great offer from our partner Ableton user group from CZECH to make a two-day event together in Berlin in October. Therefore we would like to discuss who would like to contribute something during that weekend.
In August we will make a break but in September we will continue our regular meetings.
We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!
Best, Maya and Brian
Time: 8 pm (on time!) Admission: free

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