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Talk: ROI of Learning with Llewellyn Falco

July 13, 15:00

Helsinki, Finland
F-Secure, Tammasaarenkatu 7, 00180 , Helsinki

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Llewellyn needs to try out his talk for Agile2017 conference, and we get to be his trial audience. Welcome to learn about learning!
Abstract: What the value in going to this conference? You're here, you took time off work and paid real money to be here. it safe to assume you see value in learning, but have you done the math? The math turns out to be quite surprising, because it deals with systems involving compound interest. Compound interest allows small changes to have massive effects over time. Example 1: Tim has a $100,000 loan at 100% interest. He pays $8,333 a month. At this rate it will take 50 years to pay off. Allen has the same loan, but wants to pay it off 10 times faster. How much more a month does he have to pay to achieve this? Normal math would say 10 times is 8,333 X 10. But the actual answer is just a mere seventy dollars more each month to bring the time down a factor of 10 times. Surprizing? Yeah! So come hear a combination of personal experiences and mathematical visualization explaining just how much you are getting out of doing a bit of learning everyday. Example 2 Team A works 8 hours a day. Team B works 7 hours a day and spends 1 hour a day learning. This learning improves the team's output by 1%. How many days will it be until Team B has produced as much as Team A?
Learning Outcomes:
How to justify the ROI spent on learning Why 10X is possible What 10X looks like How cognitive bias effect learning Differences between self learning and group learning

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