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The (almost) lost art of Smalltalk

May 8, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Babbel, Max-Beer-Strasse 2, Berlin

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If you think that this talk will be about how to survive the next elevator ride with your boss, then you have probably never heard of the grandfather of all Object-Oriented Programming languages. But while often times announced dead, the reports (as always) have been greatly exaggerated. Smalltalk is different. Even 40 years after its inception, no other language can hold a candle to the elegance and purity of this dinosaur of computer science.

And with the recent appearance of new open-source implementations and web-development frameworks, it seems like Smalltalk is about to receive its second wind. But even if it continues its niche existence, every programmer will gain from learning about its unique approaches. In this talk I will introduce you to the philosophy behind Smalltalk, its exciting interactive capabilities and demonstrate how much fun web development can be. But warning: Smalltalk is highly addictive.

You don't want to miss this talk by Nikolas Martens ( on the origins of the paradigms that to this day influence so much of our work. A big Thank You goes out to Babbel ( for hosting us in their canteen again!
Babbel will provide some light food and non-alcoholic beverages.
The venue is accessible via an elevator. Please make sure you agree to our Code Of Conduct ( before attending.

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