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The Code Pub hack evening

November 16, 17:15

Helsinki, Finland
Netlight Office, Arkadiankatu 23C, Helsinki

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Welcome to Code Pub's hack evening! Show your hobby projects some love and come code/design/hack together with us.
Always wanted to start learning to code, but don't know how to start? Want to learn to use UI design tools? Do you have ideas for projects but don't know how to realize them? No ideas for project but you'd like to do something fun with Python? In that case, join us for a fun evening where we work on our own projects, but together!
We'll get you started on coding tutorials, share some inspiration for ideas on what to work on if you lack inspiration and pair program with each other when things get tricky.
17:15 Hang around, have a drink and some snacks
17:30 Start. Short introduction to those who want to hear about some ideas to work on etc. Share your project, what are you working on?
19:30 End
Some light food/snacks and beverages will be served, so you won't run out of energy to hack.

The Code Pub - Helsinki The Code Pub - Helsinki

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