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The New Space Race with Christer Fuglesang

April 20, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, Stockholm, Stockholm

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The New Space Race: The Moon, Mars and Beyond
Space used to be a business only for global superpowers - not anymore. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Karin Nilsdotter and Richard Branson are pioneers in the New Space Industry.
Christer Fuglesang, Sweden's first astronaut, will tell us about all the exicting things happening in New Space.
There is a new race to the Moon, with SpaceX, Blue Origin, Moon Express and others going there. But there is also a race towards Mars. Elon Musk hopes to send the first humans in less than ten years.
And here on Earth we are starting to land and reuse rockets, we are making smaller and cheaper satellities, and a lot of startups grow out of all the data the satellites provide.

[masked] Doors open, perfect time to get your beer and sandwich. 18.30 Welcome! Event starts. 18.35 Positive News 18.45 Christer Fuglesang - The New Space Race 19.15 Make the Future Come Sooner with ESA Business Incubator. 19.30 End of event 19.30 Mingle with Christer Fuglesang, ESA BIC and all the other guests. 21.00 Doors close.

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