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The rise of the FashionTec Empire

November 1, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
This location is shown only to members, Lenaustrasse 7, 12047 Kreuzberg Berlin, Berlin

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1. Introduction new organizer. What I want, What I don't want and where I can help.  (10 min)
2. Bildet Banden! (Form gangs!) (as long as it takes)
Yes. It's about money. And selling. And marketing. No, it's not another talk about the IBB Kreativfonds, Businessangels, Investors. Guess you had more than one alredy. It's about how we can get those people to come to us, and not the other way around.
3. FashionTec Empire goes Public (5 min)
Fashion Show in Berlin. Join the Organization Team!

See you on Wednesday!
Please announce your participation by RSVP. Those who paid will get a glass of  italian wine for free!

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