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The Secret Life(cycle) of Components & Production-capable Angular apps

March 2, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Betsson Technologies, Regeringsgatan 28, Stockholm , Stockholm

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Time for ngStockholm #7 with special guest Leonardo Zizzamia! This time it's hats off for Betsson for hosting this event with only 2 days notice.
Hope to see you there!
18:00 - Doors open. Food and drinks!  18:30 - Intro  18:40 - Oussama Zaki, Betsson  19:10 - Break  19:25 - Leonardo Zizzamia, Plan, USA 
All times are approximate.

Production-capable Angular apps / Oussama Zaki
Description coming soon... :-)

The Secret Life(cycle) of Components / Leonard Zizzamia 
There is an entire world of complex interactions happening just under the surface of an Angular application. We can use lifecycle hooks to perform complex state management, coordinate control flow and finesse asynchronous events that would normally result in unpredictable and volatile results. We will start out by laying a solid foundation of what lifecycle hooks exist and when they happen in relation to each other. We will then anchor this knowledge in practical concepts that you can start using in your projects right away to help you make friends and influence people. Then we will go into the Twilight Zone and learn how to manipulate Zone.js events, 3rd party events and how to use lifecycle hooks to bridge the gap between Angular 1.x and Angular 2.
Leonardo Zizzamia is a former Twitter engineer with a flare for front-end development and Angular. Throughout the past few years, he has been involved on many levels within the Angular community by helping blog, teach and spread the word. Throughout 2016, he has been making extensive use of both Angular and Angular 1.x to bring his startup project, Plan, to life. Leonardo is deeply passionate about big and original ideas and continuously sets out to reinvent himself through challenging software development efforts. He also hosts great dinner parties with amazing Italian food.

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