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The Singularity is Near!

October 16, 18:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Kulturhuset, Sergels Torg 3, Stockholm

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What does the Singularity mean, and how close is it? What will happen when the machines become (a lot) smarter than us humans? Is our only chance to keep up with the computers to upgrade ourselves? And about life in the cloud - the wonderful future when we can upload our consciousnesses. 
The discussion will be held in English.
• David Wood, author, futurist and Executive Director of the think-tank Transpolitica (UK) 
• Joanna Rose, science journalist, Forskning & Framtid and Filosofiska rummet
• Anders Sandberg, PhD, Research Fellow, Future of Humanity Institute
• Hannes Sjöblad, moderator, chair of Människa+ (Humanity+ Sweden)
The author Alfred Ruth will read an excerpt from his latest science fiction novel "Fermis Filter"
Tickets cost 60 SEK (40 SEK for youth/students/retired). Ticket can be purchased from Kulturhuset through this link.

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