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ThoughtWorks hosts: Extreme Contracts with Jacopo Romei

November 14, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
ThoughtWorks Berlin, Zimmerstraße 23, Berlin

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ThoughtWorks Berlin hosts Jacopo Romei for an evening dedicated to redefining how we negotiate and create contracts among knowledge workers. Join us for a presentation and the following discussion on how contracts can be evolved to maximise the value delivered.

Extreme Contracts
We are used to relying on contracts as recovery devices, made up to protect us when things go wrong: "read, this is what we said", or "read, this is what we expect from you!". This is definitely not enough. Knowledge work needs a deeper level of collaboration which happens despite usual contracts rather than thanks to those.
We don't know anything better than a positional negotiation style: they say 1000, we say 500 and we hope to meet somewhere around 750, losing energy, time, money(!) and, ultimately, the will to do our best.
If there are healthy negotiation principles, what happens if we take them to the extreme, by learning the purest lesson from every past project? Is there any chance to put better contracts in place, meant to help us develop and deliver more value together?
 That chance it's called "Extreme Contracts" and Jacopo will tell what happened when he tried them out.

About Jacopo Romei
Jacopo wrote the first unit test in 2003 just right after having founded his first IT company. He has been spreading the agile and lean culture a lot in Italy and sometimes across Europe. He made a couple of nerd books, among which "Pro PHP Refactoring" published by Apress. He has joined eBay Italia team in 2012 while making his range of action a little broader: lean thinking make problems pop-up in places you weren't supposed to manage right from the start, so he decided to talk with boards first and developers/HR/marketing/whatever-silos then.
Since 2015 he's back to freelancing. At the moment, he's writing this book about contracts and negotiation for knowledge workers titled "Extreme Contracts".
7pm welcome
7:30 Presentation
8:00 Q&A
9:00 Closing

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