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ThoughtWorks presents: Understanding Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile

September 5, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
ThoughtWorks Berlin, Zimmerstraße 23, Berlin

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18:30 Meet & Greet 19:00 Welcome, presentation and discussion 
Presenter:  Jonny Schneider, Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks
Download the free version of the book here:
Join Johnny Schneider as he presents the differences between design thinking, lean and agile and how each of these practices can be used simultaneously to help your project to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Johnny is a ThoughtWorker from Melbourne, Australia, who has consulted start-ups and fortune 500 companies all around the world. Johnny’s presentation will cover the following: • Understand how design thinking, the lean movement, and agile software development can make a difference
• Define your beliefs and assumptions as well as your strategy • Diagnose the current condition and explore possible futures
• Decide what to learn, and how to learn it, through fast research and experimentation • Decentralize decisions with purpose-driven, collaborative teams
• Prioritize and measure value by responding to customer demand
Join us for an fun and inspiring evening in our ThoughtWorks office in Berlin. Everyone is welcome!

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