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Tokens, ICOs & Cryptocurrency / TICA Meetup - Berlin 01

September 21, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
Space Shack, AkazienStrasse 3a , Berlin

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This is a new Meetup for people interested in and intrigued by cryptocurrencies, tokens and ICOs (initial coin offerings). We intend this group to appeal to companies and service providers developing token-based businesses, and for investors looking to explore and invest in tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies. This is also part of a larger global meetup on Tokens ICOs and Cryptocurrencies (TIC) with events also being held on this big topic in at least 10 other cities around the world (and please contact us if you'd like to host one yourself!). Ultimately this is a venue to learn, explore ideas, develop concepts, get feedback on tokens you are working on - and maybe over time help to influence the industries development (who knows, would be great to have a TICA - token ICO and crypto association - to drive the industry!). We do ask that this is a place more for positive people interested in learning and developing new things - there are other places for outright skeptics! ;)
1830 - 1900 - gather and open chat 1900 - 1915 - Mark Turrell - 'Present and Future of Tokens and ICOs' 1915 - 2000 - flash talks (please DM if you are interested and have a great 15 min topic) 2000 - 2100 - drinks and chat Enjoy,

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