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Turku <3 Frontend: April meetup with Loikka (2024)

April 24, 18:00-20:30

Turku, Finland
Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 A A, 20520 Turku

Event is in the past

Welcome to our April meetup at Loikka.

Registration opens on this page 10.4. at 12.00

18.00 Doors open
18.10 Welcome from Loikka
18.20 Juho Friman: "Making Your Own Toy Languages - Why and How?"
18.50 Break
19.10 Henrik Terävä: "Stretching the concept of UI/frontend with PALL0"
19.40 Socializing
20.30 Post-meetup discussions in Portti


Juho Friman: Making Your Own Toy Languages - Why and How?

I will be give a brief introduction on how to get started on making your own programming language from scratch, and I hope you find the inspiration to make your own little language. It won't become new Python or Typescript, but I promise that you will learn more about programming and programming languages than ever before if you just take a walk to the wild side.

This talk will not give you a complete recipe, but gives you insight on programming language internals on really shallow level. We will not go there where the dragons are. That is your job.

Have you ever wondered why in most programming languages variable names can't start with digit but can contain digits? Let's find out and many more interesting things about language internals in digestable manner.

Henrik Terävä: Stretching the concept of UI/frontend with PALL0

I'll take you through the fascinating world of PALL0, where frontend design goes beyond the screen into tangible interactions. Imagine a UI where a squeeze replaces a button press, a simple rotation becomes your selection tool and actions can be determined by the physical distance between devices. I'll explore how these dimensions transform the user interface and challenge us to think outside the conventional pixel box.

We'll delve into creating interfaces where actions are triggered by physical movement, such as throwing an object to a precise height with certain speed of rotation. I'll discuss how we navigate design when our 'screen' is a mere 64x64 pixels, how statistics are replaced with emotions, and how the PALL0 platform’s sensors redefine user engagement, making every interaction both intuitive and playful. Join me in reimagining the potential of UI as we know it.

Turku <3 Frontend Turku <3 Frontend

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