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Turku <3 Frontend: Code in the Dark 2024

February 15, 17:00-20:30

Turku, Finland
Tykistökatu 4B, Turku

Event is in the past

Welcome to Turku <3 Frontend's Code in the Dark event.

If you want to participate in the competition, sign up instead via this Google form, this Meetabit registration is for audience

Code in the Dark is a fun programming competition where teams of developers aim to replicate given screenshots with just HTML, CSS and assets within a short time frame - with a twist.

What makes this event so unique is that during the development of the challenges, developers cannot preview their output. They are, in the dark.

Each round lasts 15 minutes and at the end of it, the audience gets to vote which team managed to do the best job. We have a round of applauds, maybe a few laughs at the unintentional tiny mistakes that completely wreck the layout and then we move on to the next round.

Developers' screens are mirrored so that the audience sees everything the developers are writing in real time.

While Code in the Dark is technically a competition, it's not that serious.

This event is made possible by the support of SparkUp, Kipinä Software and Arado. Huge thanks to all of them!

Turku <3 Frontend Turku <3 Frontend

Created by

Juha-Matti Santala Juha-Matti Santala

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