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Turku <3 Frontend: January meetup with Vaadin (2024)

January 31, 18:00-20:30

Turku, Finland
Ruukinkatu 2, 20540 Turku

Event is in the past

New year, good old plan: last Wednesday of the month + a couple of great talks + the lovely community of you.

We kick off 2024 with a visit to Vaadin.

Registration opens on this page Wed 17.1. at 12.00

18.00 Doors open
18.10 Welcome from Vaadin
18.20 Aki Salmi: "Guide to Effective Test Automation (tools and strategies)"
18.50 Break
19.10 Eyal Eshet: "Detect commonly undetected accessibility issues"
19.40 Socializing
20.30 Post-meetup discussions in Portti


Aki Salmi: "Guide to Effective Test Automation (tools and strategies)"

In the realm of modern software development, mastering the art of effective automated testing is essential. This talk is designed to empower participants with comprehensive insights and actionable strategies to enhance the stability, speed, and independence of unit tests and introducing a pattern that helps to write system level tests, especially within the context of event-driven microservices.

This talk is based on a model Aki has found useful in writing both unit tests and component tests in event-driven microservice architecture. The talk will explain the model and then show how it can be used in different levels of testing.

The model, based on understanding concepts of visibility and control, helps developers also to build systems that make contemporary exploratory testing easier and they can use scripts to support exploratory testing. With this approach, Aki has found some of the most difficult bugs that slip into production code.

The talk will start by introducing the model in the realm of unit testing and software design. Then it will continue to shift focus on the challenges of event-driven microservices and how the model can be used in testing those. The talk will give insights on how the simple, yet powerful, model can help us come up with a testing strategy where we focus on testing the boundaries of contexts - regardless of the granularity of the context (unit - component - subsystem)

After this talk, you will see how the model can be used to

- write stable, fast and independent unit tests
- write tests for event driven microservices that verify the boundaries
- plan automated testing strategy for a whole app.
- see how introducing points of visibility and control can support contemporary exploratory testing.

Eyal Eshet: Detect commonly undetected accessibility issues

We’ll go through some of the common accessibility issues that automated tools cannot detect, learn how to detect them and hopefully avoid them in the first place. Special guest: the Swedish Chef :)

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