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Turku <3 Frontend: November meetup with Arado

November 30, 18:00-20:00

Turku, Finland
Tykistökatu 4, Turku

Event is in the past

Welcome to our November meetup with Arado!

18.00 Doors open & pizza served
18.10 Hello from Arado
18.15 Matias Huhta: "Let's write a Language Server!"
18.45 Break & networking
19.00 Elisa Heikura: "Everything would be just fine if only there were no other people"
20.00 Event finishes

After the event, some participants often head out for drinks in a pub nearby.

The event is hosted in SparkUp.


Matias Huhta: Let's write a Language Server!

LSP, AST, API, IDE. What do all of these things have in common? All of them handle code, but they handle it in a different way. In this talk we will be delving into what a Language Server is and how they are built utilising a Language Server Protocol (LSP). We'll look into the history of development tools and how Language Services aim to ease the development experience of developers regardless of their choice of development environment.

Elisa Heikura: Everything would be just fine if only there were no other people

One software developer once told me that the only real communication problem is the fact that people don't read. He had it so right, that he got it all wrong. What if it is actually US that is causing other people to be the problem we don't want them to be? Baffling but mind-blowing!

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