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TurkuSec April MeetUp

April 13, 17:45

Turku, Finland
SparkUp - Boost Turku - ground floor, Tykistökatu 4 b, Turku

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Welcome to TurkuSec April Meetup. Everybody who is interested in security and related topics are welcome to attend. We will have two talks and you can find rough schedule below. Special thanks to SparkUp and Boost Turku!
17:50 Doors open 18:00 "Anti-virus is dead, long live the new anti-virus!" by Tommi Äijälä Description: An introduction to "next-generation" anti-virus solutions with cool buzzwords such as: AI, cloud and threat intelligence. Discussing few different vendors approaches and what makes them an better alternative than traditional signature based AV
18:30  "TBA" by TBA

19:30 Security and Chill (drinking, networking, talking and etc)

Facebook event:
Tommi Äijälä - Senior Security Specialist at Nixu Corporation

In case of troubles with finding the place give me a call:
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