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TurkuSec MeetUp vol 2

October 13, 17:30-19:00

Turku, Finland
Tytkystökatu 4 B, Turku

Event is in the past

Welcome to the second meetup of TurkuSec. Everybody who is interested in security and related topics are welcome to attend. We will have two speakers and you can find rough schedule below. Special thanks to Boost Turku and SparkUp Turku

17:30 Doors open
17:40 Welcome and Introduction
18:00 "Small and agile, meet big and rigid. Devops - meet PCI DSS" by Juha Leivo
18:30 "How and why people use Tor" by Juha Nurmi (you can bug him with whatever questions related to DarkWeb)
19:00 Security and Chill (drinking, networking, talking and etc). Drinks and Snacks are sponsored by 2NS


Juha Leivo - Senior Security Consultant at Nixu Oyj and he's doing some Krav Maga (watch out!)

Juha Nurmi - CEO of Dignify Ltd, Senior Research Fellow at Kinkayo and Founder/Developer of Ahmia (Tor hidden service search engine)

In case of troubles with finding the place give me a call:
044 928 77 84

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