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TurkuSec Pikkujoulu Edition

December 16, 17:45

Turku, Finland
Tykistökatu 4 b, Turku

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Welcome to the PikkuJoulu Edition of TurkuSec meetup. Everybody who is interested in security and related topics are welcome to attend. This time we will have one speaker, who will give a talk and proceed to a small workshop. Special thanks to SparkUp!
Title: Checkpoint on the way towards fully encrypted web
Description: Year after Let's Encrypt went (open) beta, we really have the wheels rolling to get the whole web encrypted. In the talk I'm going to go through the current state HTTPS, Let's Encrypt, Certbot client, and how things can be improved regarding the most important point in the migration: automation. I'm trying to fit in some nice tips & tricks about securing your sites and webapps.
"Get your ass on HTTPS in 2016 (it's about time)" Where we'll setup and give tips to people how to get their infrastructure secured. If you would like to participate in the workshop, please, bring your own laptop. Otherwise, join others and watch/learn. The workshop will be in very informal atmosphere :)
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Joona Hoikkala - Certbot core contributor

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