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TW presents: How to use acting techniques to understand & predict human behavior

November 28, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
ThoughtWorks Berlin, Zimmerstraße 23, Berlin

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We often talk about stepping into our user’s shoes. We learn about them and watch them do things. But we still do this from the outside, and therefore still have a limited understanding of why users do things, and we still have a limited ability to predict their behavior. 
In this workshop you will use techniques to step into your user’s shoes.  
You will learn a simple framework that can be used to build empathy, as well as prototype service and product situations. This will enable you to understand and predict human behavior. This is small data in action, with a powerful outcome. 
Who should attend?
The workshop is for everyone involved in creating creating product or services: ux professionals, developers, product owners, business analysts, …  
 Before the workshop:
Please prepare for the workshop. Bring any of the following...
- an observation from a product or service situation, 
- personas with their goals and motivation,
- Jobs-To-Be Done insights. 
Your projects are confidential, and you are not able to share any user or customer information in this session? No problem! You can bring an everyday observations to the workshop: a situation you observe on the way to work, a situation at the ticket counter at the train station, or at the check-in at the airport. The world is full with interesting situations, that we can explore in the workshop session. 
On the day:
Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended (for example: T-shirt, leggings, and trainers). Actors often wear black, to create the blank canvas for the session. There are changing rooms, so you can put on the comfortable clothes when you arrive. 
18:30 - 19:00 Arrival. Please arrive before 19:00. Late arrivals will not be able to join the session.
19:00 Introduction
19:15 ACTINGX: We will act out product and service situations by using the framework: Creating a blank slate. Share Observation. Understand the character. Act out. Reflect. Modify.
21:30 Closing. Final reflection on the workshop session.
22:00 End 

About the workshop facilitators:
The workshop will be facilitated by Sabrina Mach and Titus Gust. 
About Sabrina: 
Sabrina has 10 years experience in leading projects and teams that help companies create outstanding products and services.  After founding her own user research technology startup, Sabrina joined a FinTech startup where she lead the UX effort: defining the UX strategy, executing it, and evangelizing UX throughout the organisation. Sabrina recently joined ThoughtWorks as a Lead Experience Designer. 
Connect with Sabrina:
About Titus: 
Titus is an internationally acclaimed film director, who has shot over 500 commercials worldwide. The body of his work includes a special interest and view on human behaviour.  Titus is one of the CEOs and art director of the film production company RAKETENFILM, based in Berlin Kreuzberg. 
Connect with Titus:
Please note that this workshop is limited to 12 participants. Please confirm you registration by email: 

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