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Type Classes from the Ground Up - Nicolas Rinaudo

June 20, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
This location is shown only to members, Grev Turegatan 3, Stockholm

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  • 17.30 light food and mingle
  • 18.00 Welcome, Enno & Örjan
  • 18.05 Nicolas Rinaudo, Besedo: Type Classes from the Ground Up
  • ca 19.30 move over to a place nearby for more Scala talk Type classes are a powerful alternative to subtyping and can help to drastically reduce the amount of boilerplate in a project. Their encoding in Scala is fairly straightforward, but suffers from a notion that they are an advanced feature that only experienced developers should use. The purpose of this talk is to demystify Scala type classes and show how functional code naturally evolves towards them, and how they compose implicitly to buy developers a lot of "free" functionalities. Attendants would ideally be able to read idiomatic Scala code, but no arcane knowledge is required to follow.

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