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Urban virtuality - towards global omnipresence?

February 22, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
WeWork Sony Centre, Kemperplatz 1, 10785, Berlin

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This time we take a deep dive in a different aspect of our future cities: Virtual Reality.
Virtual and augmented realities are becoming more and more ubiquitous - in the consumer domain of gaming and entertainment, and in the business domain of product prototyping, smart maintenance, remote auditing, and a growing number of fields of application.
Future social virtual experiences have the potential to become a compelling supplement or even alternative to physical exchange. One might prefer working, travelling and socialising virtually, having short-term virtual trips to arbitrary (and maybe entirely artificial) touristic destinations on any one day just by using individual VR/AR gear or immersive equipment incorporated in the physical space. We could find ourselves in a divergent presence when having a virtual walk on Champs Elysees together with the holographic twins of our friends from New York while we are physically located right here in Berlin Mitte: our bodies here, our virtual perception everywhere.
On this meetup we will work on several topics: Will there be a demand for a kind of virtual retrofitting of urban landscapes? What are the possible technical means for providing ubiquitous virtuality? How will mobility be affected by virtual means? And are we better off when living as virtual nomads?
Our speaker this time is Fedor Löhrig. Fedor believes in a fascinating and interwoven coexistence of virtual and physical realities. As a former IT consultant for big corporates and SMEs, and now on his way to become a psychologist, his main goal is helping building a future which is worth living full of joy and amazement.
18:30 doors open
19:00 welcome / introductions 19:15 Talk 19:45 Q+A 20:00 Hands-on-Exercise 20:30 Informal chats / drinks / networking
21:00 End

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