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UX Morning

December 2, 09:00-12:30

Helsinki, Finland
Hietalahdenranta 13, 00180, Helsinki

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While previously focused on usability testing and ergonomics, the digital services industry was pushed by the boom in mobile and e-commerce to develop a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to user experience engineering. State of the art practices include studying target audiences’ motivations, measuring user expectations and needs, prototyping, designing micro interactions, testing MVPs, setting up A/B hypotheses and more.

We will cover these topics as part of our morning workshop. By combining theory sessions with hands-on exercises, you will walk away with a good overview of the latest best practices when it comes to doing UX and an understanding of the pitfalls to avoid. The workshop is aimed at both startup founders and managers at bigger companies working on digital services and interested in leveraging solid UX to improve their competitive advantage.

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