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VRBLN Focus: VR Hackathon!

August 5, 09:30

Berlin, Germany
Media Design Hochschule, Franklinstr. 28, Berlin

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Hey everyone!
We are organizing the first Global VR Hackathon Germany in association with VRCORE from China! (the biggest VR hackathon organizers in China - vrcore.org)
Where: The on-location hackathon will be held at Media Design Hochschule (MD.H) Franklinstr. 28 in Berlin.
When: It is happening the weekend of 5-6th of August 2017, starting at 9:30pm on Saturday
Requirements: The projects have to be Unity3D based.
We provide for each team one VR-ready desktop with Unity3D, Vive headsets, WiFi or fast LAN. Bring your laptops too..
General theme: Highly interactive VR games.
First Prices: Payed invitation for the whole team to China Beijing (by VRcore) to compete with the other regional winners from all around the world.
Entree fee : 25€ (it includes one meal a day with coffee and tea. Bring your own extra beverage and food.) - (minimum age is 18 years old).
Register: before Thursday 3rd of August at 8pm.
(be fast there will only be 45 seats.)
Saturday 5th of August 2017:
- 9:30 – Registration
- 10:00 – Introduction
- 10:15 – Pitching time (20 seconds, be super prepared)
- 11:15 – Registering teams
- 12:00 – Start of the hackathon
- 15:00 – Warm meal
- 18:00 – Rough pitch of your project
- 22:00 – Have the sleeping bag with you
Sunday 6th of August 2017:
- 9:30 – Get back to work
- 18:00 – Final pitches
- 19:00 – Network and play each other game
- 20:30 – We announce winner
- 21:00 – The end
It is going to be lots of fun!
VRBLN focus & VRCORE hackathon team.

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