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Webinar: I'm a Technologist, Not a Female Technologist

March 23, 17:00

Berlin, Germany
Online Webinar, On your computer, Berlin

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Being a technologist means choosing a career that provides opportunities to grapple with hard problems, improve people's lives, and create new possibilities for the future. However, the unfortunate reality remains that women are still massively underrepresented in tech.
Join Dr. Susan Davis-Ali, Senior Director of Organizational Transformation Programs at the Anita Borg Institute and Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO at ThoughtWorks, for a webinar exploring what it means to be a female technologist today. Dr. Parsons and guests will share personal experiences and explore questions such as:
• How can technology become a place where the culture doesn't repel women?
• How can organizations create a safe environment for under-represented groups to ask questions?
• How can leaders create workplaces free of harassment and supportive of learning, innovation and exploration?
If you’re unable to join, we encourage you to register anyway--we’ll be sending out a recording of the webinar afterwards.
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