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What happens when tech takes over the police

March 16, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Cafe Manstein, Mansteinstraße 4, Berlin, Berlin

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Hello tech readers,
we have so many ideas, we’re announcing two meetups at once! yay!
For our March meetup, we’re taking up one of your suggestions (many thanks to Maria for sharing the idea and resources!). What we want to discuss is: What happens when a technology takes over a public service, such as a part of the police force?
That’s just what happened in New Orleans, when a tech billionaire started running the streets. "How a rich entrepreneur persuaded the city to let him create his own high-tech police force" The podcast Real Crime Profile recently picked up the topic and sums everything up in an interview with the author of the article:
Fox is even releasing a TV show, loosely based on the story:
Even without a tech entrepreneur’s direct involvement, policing in the U.S. is becoming more high-tech. Cities are collecting audio data, license plates and camera footage to thwart and investigate crimes, infinitely expanding the amount of data available to police.
Scary or safe? That’s what we’ll discuss in March, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!
Cheers, Julia and Jessica
edit: updated the date to March 16!

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