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Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women and What Can We Do About It

June 15, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Cafe Manstein, Mansteinstra├če 4, Berlin, Berlin

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Tech companies are creating the products of tomorrow, and you'd think that having "the other half" of the population on board would be a cool thing. However, for all the money spent on "diversity", not much has changed: Many tech companies employ much fewer women, especially in technical roles, and many women who do enter tech fields experience roadblocks and sexist cultures.

This month, we'll tackle the topic of women in tech with two great reads!
The Atlantic asks why getting more women into tech - and keeping them there, and happy, and moving up - continues to be such a struggle. It also explains why "bias training" can backfire. Read the article here:

For those done with the niceties, we introduce you to "Lean Out". This book collects experiences of women in tech, creating a manifesto for change.
The publisher OR Books has kindly offered Tech Book Club a discount on these books, so some of you already have their copies :) Everyone else go hit up your local book dealers! Or email us at [masked] for an electronic copy (for book club use only).
We hope you bring lots of questions, ideas and input to the next meetup - and most importantly, we hope you'll come ready to listen to each other and allow others to share their experiences so we can all learn together.
Looking forward to seeing you! Jessica and Julia

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