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WizardAmigos CodeCamp [Zasavje - Slovenia, JavaScript]

July 17, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
PUNKT - Laboratorij za kreativne industrije, Cesta Borisa Kidriča 2, Zagorje ob Savi

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V ponedeljek, 6.marca, smo pričeli z WizardAmigos Codecamp Zasavje, skupinskim učenjem (co-learning) programskega jezika Java Script. Z uporabo spletne platforme bomo čisti začetniki, poznavalci in pa čisto naključni entuziasti zavihali rokave in izzvali možganje. Nov jezik? Programski jezik!
Učimo se skupaj, a vsak po svoji poti. Kaj potrebuješ? - prenosnik - slušalke
Cena? Neprecenljivo. Pridruži se!
Mimogrede - ste že kdaj slišali za brezposelnega programerja? Ali pa da je danes na trgu dela programiranje škodljiva veščina? Mi tudi ne. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
WizardAmigos CodeCamp is an open, collaborative, and free DIY programming school from Berlin, now starting in Zasavje, Slovenia. People of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to join and learn together :-)
Are you: • complete computer beginner? • already curious about programming JavaScript? • already a developer?
How does it work? • join us • bring your laptop and a pair of headphones • we make a short introduction and then sit around the table to learn together
After you finish the course, you will be able to: • continue to build your portfolio of apps (web or mobile) • work on client projects • build your startup • find a job
We will help you with that!
In our community of learners we stay connected using Gitter chat and Facebook. Feel free to Join us: and a hyper modular style of programming, so that building apps becomes like plugging together legos :-)

FEATURES: • Free hands-on JavaScript study group • Opportunity to practice English • advanced coders are encouraged to mentor & contribute to the curriculum REQUIREMENTS: • be nice to people • bring a laptop • bring headphones
USUAL SCHEDULE: (7:00pm ~ 11:00pm) • We start with a short round of introduction • and then jump right into hands-on exercises from our curriculum You start at the beginning or what feels appropriate to you and each time continue where you left of. We encourage everyone to do home works to progress faster. Everyone has their own pace and that's encouraged. We also encourage to help each other out - during the meetup and on the chat :-)

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