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WorkingAmigos [weekly online hangout]

October 5, 15:00

Berlin, Germany
https://meet.jit.si/c­odingamigos, Video Chat, Internet

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We are self employed JavaScript engineers who work remote our have our own app based businesses. We meet online every week to learn and apply dynamic scraping on order to scrape remote JavaScript gigs that fit our preferences. If this is interesting for you, please join. If you would like to learn JavaScript, checkout our free open source elearning app http://wizardamigos.com
Otherwise, feel free to join us in our chat: https://gitter.im/wizardamigosinstitute/program More Specific Information about our next online meeting and also previous ones: https://hackmd.io/GYTmHYA4FMDYEMC0AjaBWAxogLAJmLoiMpOIpAAy6zLbDTQbYZA=?view

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