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Workshop - Angular fundamentals 1

March 16, 17:00

Helsinki, Finland
Solita Oy, Åkerlundinkatu 11, Tampere

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General info
Angular Finland is now organizing its first workshops. There will be at least two workshops. Topic of this workshop is first part of Angular fundamentals (See second part here). Mainly: making your first Angular application, components and services. Second workshop will build on top of this, so we suggest you join us there too. This workshop will be hands-on, so please bring your laptop with you! Please also see the prerequisities below
There will be food and beverages served.
The meetup is sponsored and hosted by Solita Oy ( Trainers: Roope Hakulinen (Gofore Oy), Rudolf Poels (Netum Oy) and trainer from Solita Oy.
17:00 Doors open 
17:30 Opening words, Roope Hakulinen, Gofore Oy 
17:35 Welcoming notes, Solita 
17:45 Workshop starts 
18:30 Food 
19:00 Workshop continues 
21:00 Workshop ends

Basic knowledge of some common programming language (JavaScript preferably) and web development required. Please bring your own computer with installation of Node.js v6.9.x or newer (v7 okay) in it. Easy to check in command line:

node -v
Once you have the Node installed, please run the following in your working directory (Documents etc.) to save some time from the start of workshop:
npm install -g @angular/[email protected]
ng new angular-workshop
cd angular-workshop
ng serve
You should now have server answering in address localhost:4200 (check in browser). If so, you are good to go. 
Please note, that 
- npm install may require sudo rights on Linux and Mac OS, 
- ng new might take a while (~5min) to complete.
If you are facing problems, please mention upon arrival so we can help you solve those to get started!

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