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Workshop: CLJS frontend dev with reagent and re-frame

May 3, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Kiez Büro, Wrangelstraße 22, Berlin

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Hello everyone, tomorrow (Wednesday) there's a workshop that I'm thinking members of this group might be interested in. Fabian will be teaching the use of ClojureScript to build web apps and mobile apps with Reagent and Re-frame. See below for Fabian's announcement
Note that this is not the regular ClojureBerlin meetup - that's up next week :)


Hello Clojurians,
Want to learn about frontend development with cljs, reagent and re-frame ?  Then this is your chance, Come to the FREE workshop tomorrow 19:00 !  My name is Fabian and I will guide you on your journey from beginner to shipping real apps. Why free you ask ? Because I am on a journey too! I want to be a great mentor but first I need some experience.
Tomorrow will mostly be about
* Getting to know each other * Finding out if there are enough people interested * Determine which skills you want to learn * Doing some app programming using Clojurescript
Location: Kiez Büro, Wrangelstraße 22, 10997 Berlin Time: May 3 @ 19:00 Take with you: a laptop
See you tomorrow! Fabian
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