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Angular2: A Gentle Introduction


Angular2 is in beta, hence stable enough for a deep-dive into its fundamentals and its prerequisites.

In this talk we are going to explore the fundamental concepts of Angular2, including Component Tree, Component Anatomy, Component Change Detection, as well as any other knowledge needed to grasp those concepts. No knowledge of ES2015 or Angular 1.x is required as a prerequisite for this talk.

The goal is to explore the concepts together without leaving anyone behind.

If you are an angular2 novice, we encourage you to interrupt the speaker and fire away your questions. If you are an Angular2 expert, we expect you to augment the speaker's explanations with yours in order to deepen everyone's understanding of the uncharted waters of Angular2.

Nowadays, we all have access to great presentations in various conferences and meetups, but very few of them give us the opportunity to interact with the speakers when we need to. Our goal is to demolish that tradition for the meetup atendees; novice and expert alike.


Modern Front End Applications

  • Component Concept in General
  • Component Tree Concept in General
  • Application Componentization in General
  • Application State Rendering in General
  • Angular2 Component Tree

Angular2 Component Anatomy

  • TypeScript Language
  • JS Property Accessors
  • JS2015 Module
  • JS2015 Class
  • JS201X Decorator
  • JS2015 Template
  • W3C Shadow DOM
  • Angular2 Data Binding

Angular2 Change Detection

  • Depth-First Tree Traversal
  • Javascript VM Event Loop and Task Queue
  • Angular ZoneJS Library
  • DOM-Event Interception
  • VM Turn Interception
  • Angular Object Models

Angular2 Optimization

  • Change Detection Policies
  • Component Life Cycle
  • Persistent Data Structues (ImmutableJS)
  • JS2016 Observables (RxJS)

Angular2 Architecture

  • Angular2 Services
  • Pipes
  • W3C Web Wrokers
  • W3C Service Workers
  • HTTP Service
  • Angular2 Native Rendering
  • NativeScript
  • FaceBook React Native


Esfand Shayan
Independent Contractor/Consultant
email: esfand at wow dot com

In case you are interested in learning more about Angular-2, you are welcome to attend our weekly Hangouts on Air

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Angular-2's Change Detection Explained

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JavaScript VM Turn Explained

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