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Best Friends Forever: when a front-end developer is a little bit back-end

about me:

I work for Yandex Money company in St.Petersburg.

about talk:

Yandex.Money is the largest online payment service in Russia. And we love Node.js. Yep, we using it in limited area. No database connection, simple business logic and, of corse, stateless. Of course we have Java-backends, but our frontend always use Node.js endpoints to receive data. This is main idea of Backend For Frontend (BFF).
In this talk i will share history of our BFF: from XSLT to React SSR, from monolith to microservices, from Express to Nest, and history of our program architecture: from Big Ball of Mud to Layered Architecture and DDD.



Added almost 3 years ago by Andrey Melikhov