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Mentoring & Empathy

Understanding the psychology of safety and cultivating grounds for sharing knowledge.

A look at what inhibits us from sharing knowledge, the importance of respect and empathy in the workplace, and practical tools for how to cultivate good team & company culture in software development.

The 15–20 minute talk is from a "developer mentor" perspective, but everyone does mentoring at some level regardless of role or seniority.

The subject isn't essentially about JS, or anything technical per se, but it attempts to strike at low-hanging fruit common social issues in an approachable manner for developers and anyone working in software development. I myself work with JS as a senior engineer and technical lead, and the practical examples (like tips for writing pleasant and effective code reviews) arise from this background.

This was hands down the most impactful talk in a long time within our company Qvik, and I thought others could find it useful, too. Let me know if you think the talk can fit in!