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Next.js is like McDonald's – sometimes you hate it but mostly you're lovin it

Next.js has recently gained a lot of popularity. I have personally been using Next.js for the past 4 years in multiple large production scale projects for some of the largest media companies in Finland. Next.js is a great framework for production use, and they have recently released amazing new features such as Middleware, Image, and Script components just to mention a few.

In this talk, I will introduce some of the most useful features in Next.js and how these help teams build high quality websites that are fast for the users but also has a nice developer experience and are easy to maintain. However, Next is not a silver bullet. Some of the rough edges and features in Next makes me question whether it is production ready and drives me nuts. I'll explain some of the things that make me want to flip my desk and go deep into the forest and cut down some trees (which in fact I do pretty often!)