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Aurajoki Overflow: Systems Programming - Sponsored by Taiste

April 19, 18:00-22:00

Turku, Finland
KOP-kolmio, Aurakatu 8, 6th floor

Event is in the past

Welcome to the Aurajoki Overflow April meetup!

The April meetup is sponsored and made possible by Taiste.

In this month's meetup we will be discussing Systems Programming. We are going to look into the promises cloud computing has given and the paradigms around it as well as peeking into what new operating systems allow us to do.


18:00 Doors Open / Welcome! Bewerages and snacks!
18:10 Introduction to the meetup and a word from our sponsor Taiste
18:15 Pekka Enberg: Beyond Cloud Computing: Towards Serverless, Edge, and Sky Computing
19:00 Break with refreshments, snacks and food
19:15 Juho Ylikylä: Exploring SerenityOS
20:00 Hanging out, Lightning Talks, Relaxing
21:00 -> Afterbeers @ SKAAL


Pekka Enberg: Beyond Cloud Computing: Towards Serverless, Edge, and Sky Computing

Cloud computing has become the mainstream paradigm over the last decade. However, cloud computing has not achieved the grand vision of "computing as a utility", but instead we've ended up with a model of multiple largely API incompatible cloud providers. I this talk I will give a tour of three emerging complementary paradigms that move us beyond cloud computing: serverless, edge, and sky computing. I will take a look at what they're useful for, what's the programming model of each of them, and how they relate to each other.

Juho Ylikylä: Exploring SerenityOS

SerenityOS is a fresh but booming OS that looks like a mix of Windows 2000 and a UNIX terminal.
It is a terrific platform to learn about operating systems and how they work under the hood.
In my presentation, we'll explore some of its main features and code something cool that works inside it.

About the speakers:

Pekka Enberg

Pekka Enberg is a Founder and CTO at ChiselStrike. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Helsinki, focusing on low-latency networked systems. Previously Pekka worked on ScyllaDB, an Apache Cassandra compatible distributed database, optimized for speed, and was a Linux kernel memory allocator maintainer.

Juho Ylikylä

Juho Ylikylä is a Full stack developer, interested in building responsive, message driven applications, working at Congrid

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