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Aurajoki Overflow

Aurajoki Overflow

Turku, Finland

300 members

Aurajoki Overflow: The tech meetup focused on all of the nooks and crannies of working in software.

Aurajoki Overflow Meetup is the biggest boiling pot of developers, testers, architects and designers in Turku.

We organize monthly meetups as well as occasional events and gatherings to share knowledge and enjoy different aspects of software development.

Unlike many other meetups, Aurajoki Overflow doesn't focus on just one subject, but has a varying subject every meetup. Where one meetup might be focused on data engineering, the next one could be focused on software architecture. Each meetup will revolve around a given theme and host two to three presentations from industry professionals and passionate techies.

Aurajoki Overflow is the perfect place for anyone working in software to find and learn from their peers. The meetup works as a platform to share your knowledge with other and share ideas.

Join the community: https://discord.com/invite/GkM65dtZ2h

Watch our meetup presentations: https://www.youtube.com/@aurajokioverflow9728

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